Giveaway of my book – Quarter Life Crisis!

As a part of promotion before official release, I am organising a giveaway at Goodreads from April 22 to May 06.

I’m giving away 15 copies(Paperback edition). The giveaway is open to people in India.

What to do to enter the giveaway:

1. Go to this link

2. Register for a Goodreads account if you don’t have one. You can use your FB account, as well

3. Key in your mailing address

The winners are selected randomly. You will be informed by email if you win a free copy.


Culture of Low Self-Esteem

We, Indians, get offended way too soon.

We can’t have people mock our Gods, our religion, our prophets, our space program, and what’s more, we can’t have people say anything about our country, unless it is flattering.

Someone makes a joke and we look for our pitch forks. The CEO of Snapchat calls our country poor – which it is, to be fair – and lynching of Snapdeal starts. Why? Well the pitch fork has to go up someone’s ass, who cares what colour the ass is – white or brown?

First of all, someone claimed that Mr Spiegel said what he said, I don’t think that there is any undeniable proof of him doing it, anyway. Even if he did, so what he called our country poor? Does he not have a right to decide which country he wants to expand into? More importantly, is India a rich nation? I know that once our country was called “Sone ki Chidya“, but that bird has long flown away.

The users of Snapchat have every right to boycott the app, if they think that the comments made by Mr Spiegel were in anyway hurtful to their national sentiments. I am quoting this particular case just as an example of how harshly we react to trivial things.

Not that a joke cannot ever be in bad taste, but it is, after all, a joke – forget and move on.

Do we have such low self-esteem that we need to punish people who mock us? In my opinion, this stems from our desire to get validation from others – the west, primarily. A mission to mars is not an achievement enough for us, unless ISRO is praised by the media all over the world.

Get a sense of humour, my fellow citizens.


A Million Lives

I opened my eyes and I first saw,
I was a new-born, yet to know nature’s laws.
I remember it was an October morning and it was cold,
We only live and die once I remember being told.

Amidst my family’s love I truly felt alive,
It was the first time I took a blind dive.
In a pool of trust I jumped, shut were my eyes,
Unaware, soon cometh the time when I first die.

The day at school was tough, I wouldn’t lie,
It was then due to fear that I first die.
The fear of seclusion, to be abandoned tore me,
It was then that I saw a figure, angel like was he.

He gave me a hand and I held it tight,
He told me to trust, he pulled me to the light.
In my new friend’s eyes I found what I had lost,
It was then I got my second chance, my second life.

Suddenly I grew up and the time flew by,
And in my youth many times did I die.
Anger, fear and envy were the causes,
In my flowing life, they came in like pauses.

I felt enlightened as I had finally found,
These values, they were pulling me to the ground.
They  all were making me die inside,
And that, in me, did the answer reside.

Love, empathy and forgiveness have the power to revive,
and only in a new life we truly feel alive.
But to start afresh we must first die,
We can have a million lives if we try.

Being Fat : A Boon

Tired of listening to people telling you to lose weight? Are you tired of people quoting new scientific reasons to get slim everyday? If the answer is yes then read on. I, too like you, was tired of hearing these taunts. But instead of moping like every other fat person, I chose to educate this world about the benefits of being fat. Since I was tired of providing personal guidance to every self-righteous lean guy, I have decided to make these facts public for the good of rest of the inhabitants of this hell we call Earth.

1. You always get to eat what you want: This is one of the biggest advantages of being fat. Have you ever diverted your attention towards the diet of a lean person. They fear food. They fear they would become fat and thus avoid lord’s blessings in the form of cheese, butter, sugar etc. What good is your life if you can’t eat what you want? A fat man, on the other hand, can enjoy delicacies that a lean person can’t even think about smelling.

2. You get what you want: Imagine a situation. You are with your 5 friends and are enjoying a packet of biscuit with them. Suppose it only has 6 biscuits. Now even if each one of you get one there would be one biscuit left. Now here comes in the best part. If you are fat you can easily lean in and pick up the last biscuit. Sure your friends will taunt you, but at the end they would sympathize with you and think, “Let him eat, he needs it to run his normal body functions.”.

3. Get Unlimited attention: Obviously if you have a group of lean friends everyone will notice you. I mean, for example, look at the night sky. There are like 4000 stars visible from one hemisphere of the earth but you can’t really miss the moon. Imagine yourself walking into a bar or a restaurant and having everyone look at you. On an average you will turn heads of more ladies ,if you are fat, than your lean friend. Yes, you too can become a ladies man. All you need to do is to be yourself and eat more.

4. You automatically become the “Funny Guy”: Yeah that is true! If you are fat you automatically become the “funny guy” of the group. Everything you say or do will sound and look funny. What is better than having all the attention to yourself? How many comedians that you have seen are fat? The answer is: Almost all of them. Thus, being fat brings in money too.

5. Be spared of hard work: If you are the “lazy type” then you need not worry. Being  fat makes you the last person to be picked incase there is a task to be done. Because you are fat, people will expect you to have lower efficiency . So why work? Spend your day at work just doodling around and let the lean guy take the heat.

6. Push people around: If you are fat you can push people around. Break the queue. There would be two reasons no one would even think of fighting with you. Number one, let’s face it you are fat and they would think you are a bully because no one has any idea you too are just a normal guy who goes to bed with his arms wrapped around a teddy bear. And number two, because they would think, “Oh! The poor soul is trying his best to keep his fat ass to himself”.

I hope I have succeeded in changing your mindset towards yourself. So ask yourself this: Why be lean, rhyming with mean, if you can get to eat what you want, get unlimited attention, get rich, be the “funny guy”, be spared of hard work and easily push people around?

Keep Eating.


Ample Land

The clamour at night wakes me up,
when I am amidst beautiful dreams,
I find myself growing indifferent,
when I hear distant cries and screams.

The rising sun and the chirping birds,
these things they do not start my day,
It begins, believe me you when I confess,
with the news of someone passing away.

This war has stolen my friends from me,
it has bound me in an unbreakable chain,
People in power, this intelligent lot,
they break my hopes with concern they feign.

I ask neither for riches nor any help,
what I need is something quite small,
All I yearn is to wake up one day,
and see this land being ample for all.



Rain of Fire

Sounds of joy and words of love,
fill the space around me,
All I see are genuine smiles,
I feel at peace, I feel free.

There is nothing that could change this,
nothing more that I want,
Forever I want to remember,
this innocent jubilant chant.

Like Zues’  thunder it came,
clattering down like it is raining fire,
In a moment everything changed,
The impact vanquished all my desires.

From my sight disappeared those I cherish,
but I could well hear them wail,
I got the strength to pick myself up,
just to see my mother’s face grow pale.

As my strength caved, I could not fight it all,
I fell as I had nothing to hold,
Though it is raining fire from the sky,
It feels dark, I feel cold.