Speaking with the Wind

The wind blowing past me, whispered to me something new,
Something I have never heard, it wanted me to take a cue.
I wanted to talk back, tell it what I felt,
Tell it the feelings that in my heart dwelt.

And thus I began, “I dreamt of her”, I said,
“She was there will all her grace”,I narrated with my face glowing red.
I found myself ranting, I was talking out loud,
“Today, you and I resolve this”, I vowed.

She was still on my mind, her locks black as night,
Her presence enchanting, her aura shining bright.
“Maybe, I lack courage to accept what is true.”,
“My denial would kill me”, I knew.

Picking up my head I stopped to look around,
To find an advice but I heard back no sound.
I stopped whinning, I gave up the try,
I sat there silently looking up at the sky.

The time passed, and the sun ended the day,
And then it was then that I heard it say.
It was a faint meek voice, as I remember,
“Pain is what you fear”, was all it could murmur.

Hearing the silence that followed, I left as the moon beamed,
The wind was done talking to me it seemed.
What remained with me was query,
All this thinking has done, is, made me weary.

Maybe, it wanted me to wake up, to face what exists,
Face her, endure the pain and see if it persists.
This conversation, it left me in a state of doubt,
Maybe the wind, too, wanted me to sort my feelings out.


A Million Lives

I opened my eyes and I first saw,
I was a new-born, yet to know nature’s laws.
I remember it was an October morning and it was cold,
We only live and die once I remember being told.

Amidst my family’s love I truly felt alive,
It was the first time I took a blind dive.
In a pool of trust I jumped, shut were my eyes,
Unaware, soon cometh the time when I first die.

The day at school was tough, I wouldn’t lie,
It was then due to fear that I first die.
The fear of seclusion, to be abandoned tore me,
It was then that I saw a figure, angel like was he.

He gave me a hand and I held it tight,
He told me to trust, he pulled me to the light.
In my new friend’s eyes I found what I had lost,
It was then I got my second chance, my second life.

Suddenly I grew up and the time flew by,
And in my youth many times did I die.
Anger, fear and envy were the causes,
In my flowing life, they came in like pauses.

I felt enlightened as I had finally found,
These values, they were pulling me to the ground.
They  all were making me die inside,
And that, in me, did the answer reside.

Love, empathy and forgiveness have the power to revive,
and only in a new life we truly feel alive.
But to start afresh we must first die,
We can have a million lives if we try.

Ample Land

The clamour at night wakes me up,
when I am amidst beautiful dreams,
I find myself growing indifferent,
when I hear distant cries and screams.

The rising sun and the chirping birds,
these things they do not start my day,
It begins, believe me you when I confess,
with the news of someone passing away.

This war has stolen my friends from me,
it has bound me in an unbreakable chain,
People in power, this intelligent lot,
they break my hopes with concern they feign.

I ask neither for riches nor any help,
what I need is something quite small,
All I yearn is to wake up one day,
and see this land being ample for all.


PC: https://pixabay.com/en/war-reenactment-battle-soldiers-1822769/

Rain of Fire

Sounds of joy and words of love,
fill the space around me,
All I see are genuine smiles,
I feel at peace, I feel free.

There is nothing that could change this,
nothing more that I want,
Forever I want to remember,
this innocent jubilant chant.

Like Zues’  thunder it came,
clattering down like it is raining fire,
In a moment everything changed,
The impact vanquished all my desires.

From my sight disappeared those I cherish,
but I could well hear them wail,
I got the strength to pick myself up,
just to see my mother’s face grow pale.

As my strength caved, I could not fight it all,
I fell as I had nothing to hold,
Though it is raining fire from the sky,
It feels dark, I feel cold.