Book Review: Quarter Life Crisis by Anshuk Attri


Book: Quarter Life Crisis

Author: Anshuk Attri

Publisher: publishing

Genre: The ‘romance’ of life

In One Line: The trials and tribulations of life revealed in 299 pages

Characterisation: The protagonists of this story, Prachur and Neera have been characterised well. They have ample flesh and blood and one can imagine what they are like. His aside, what I liked was that even the side characters like the friends and the parents have been given personality enough to make them believable. As I read he book, the one I developed the greatest fondness for was Prachur’s sister. She was the right combination of modernity and tradition, emotions and logic, and sternness and softness.

Language: It is an easy to read book with some cliched lines and quite a few punches punched in throughout the book. One that made me smile came right on the first page – “All things considered, this campus probably…

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