A Million Lives

I opened my eyes and I first saw,
I was a new-born, yet to know nature’s laws.
I remember it was an October morning and it was cold,
We only live and die once I remember being told.

Amidst my family’s love I truly felt alive,
It was the first time I took a blind dive.
In a pool of trust I jumped, shut were my eyes,
Unaware, soon cometh the time when I first die.

The day at school was tough, I wouldn’t lie,
It was then due to fear that I first die.
The fear of seclusion, to be abandoned tore me,
It was then that I saw a figure, angel like was he.

He gave me a hand and I held it tight,
He told me to trust, he pulled me to the light.
In my new friend’s eyes I found what I had lost,
It was then I got my second chance, my second life.

Suddenly I grew up and the time flew by,
And in my youth many times did I die.
Anger, fear and envy were the causes,
In my flowing life, they came in like pauses.

I felt enlightened as I had finally found,
These values, they were pulling me to the ground.
They  all were making me die inside,
And that, in me, did the answer reside.

Love, empathy and forgiveness have the power to revive,
and only in a new life we truly feel alive.
But to start afresh we must first die,
We can have a million lives if we try.


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